Just like a car, your heating and cooling system needs service and regular tune-ups to run efficiently and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. A Full inspection and System Tune-up from AC Wizard ensures routinely scheduled preventative maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems. This helps protect your family from the unexpected and sometimes costly expenses from equipment breakdowns. A Tune-up from AC Wizard is designed to keep your system running at maximum efficiency. This results in lower energy costs as well as improved comfort, safety, and convenience for your family. At AC Wizard it is our main goal to provide your family with uninterrupted comfort.

The easiest and most important thing that every homeowner can do to keep their HVAC system running at peak efficiency is to change your filter. Another thing you can do to maintain your heating and AC is ensure your external unit is not blocked by any objects, trees or bushes. In addition to both of those things, if you have a little more HVAC knowledge than the average homeowner, you can clean the drain line as well as the evaporator and condenser coils. Contact us today to learn more about heating and AC maintenance.
We recommend changing your air filter every 30 days if you have pets, extreme allergies or if you have an older HVAC unit, as it will keep the air in your home free of dust and dirt. Replacing your air filter is a great way to ensure that more air is allowed to flow through your unit, enabling it to perform as efficiently as possible. To speak to one of our expert technicians about how often you should replace your air filter, contact us.
Air filters are usually located near your furnace in a special rack or in your ceiling or wall return air grille. If you are having trouble finding your air filter, we recommend that you have your HVAC service technician show you where they are located next time you have your HVAC serviced. You can also contact us today and we can walk you through locating your air filter.
Yes, we offer bi-annual HVAC maintenance with our Comfort Club Membership where you also receive discounts and front-of-the-line service. Some of the benefits of having your HVAC regularly maintenanced include:

  • Your HVAC runs more efficiently.
  • Your HVAC system lasts longer.
  • Your HVAC unit warranty is protected.

An HVAC maintenance plan essentially pays for itself by all the ways you save when maintaining the health of your HVAC system. To learn more, call us today!

Top 10 Reasons to get the Ultimate Tune-Up this Season

1. Save Money on your Utility Bills – up to 30%
2. Avoid Unnecessary Emergency Breakdowns
3. Prevent Costly Repairs
4. Improve comfort and temperature stability
5. Routine maintenance DOUBLES the life span of the average residential air conditioning system
6. Most health risks associated with home air quality can be dramatically reduced with proper system maintenance
7. A complete system replacement is 70% more likely to be required in systems that have NOT had routine maintenance
8. Safeguard your home and family
9. Be Environmentally friendly by Saving Fuel and Energy
10. Peace of mind