Here at A/C Wizard we offer a wide variety of furnace repair options for the residents in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. Furnaces have become far more advanced over the years and proper maintenance in not only recommended it’s often a requirement to keep you and your family safe, comfortable and saving money all season long.

Central Warm-Air Gas Furnace Repair
A central warm gas air furnace is what many of our customers currently use in their homes and we’ve been keeping them in tip top shape since 2003. Gas furnaces need to be maintained as the burners, ignitors and associated assemblies can release carbon monoxide. As about our CO2 detectors when you call for your gas furnace repair appointment.

Hot Water Furnace repairs
These types of furnaces rely on hot water or steam as the method of heating your home. They distribute heat throughout your home by heating water, often times hot enough to turn it into steam, and distributing it through a radiator, series of pipes, heating coils, and several other methods. While more popular up in the northern states we do have a few in Dallas and mush like a gas furnace hot water furnaces need on going maintenance.

Give us a call today to set up your appointment for a Gas Furnace Repair or Precision Furnace Tune Up and Professional Furnace cleaning.