AC Wizard is now providing the residents in and around Dallas, Texas with radiant barriers. Radiant barriers are one of the most cost effect ways available to reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable during the hot Texas days. Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas spend 61% of the year in the sunlight which can make it difficult to keep your home cool.

The heat transfer into your attic happens as the radiant energy from the sun hits the roof of your home which ends up heating the shingles. The shingles then in turn transfer that heat through the roof downwards to the underside of the sheathing and the roof framing. It doesn’t stop there either, as your attic gets hotter the heat continues transferring onto the attic floor and downwards through the ceilings of your home which raises the indoor temperature and makes your air conditioning work harder to keep your home cool.

How Radiant Barriers Keep You Cool
A radiant barrier looks like a thin padding with shiny foil on either side. The radiant barrier is usually installed by attaching it to the bottom of the roof rafters which is the framing that holds the roof up. These radiant barriers prevent 80% or more of the sun’s heat from entering the attic by inhibiting thermal radiation and conduction. The heat radiating downwards from the hot roof is reflected back up away from your home once it reaches the barrier. When the heat reaches the barrier, the outer layer of foil absorbs a great amount of it through conduction. The padding in the radiant barrier in between the two outer layers of foil prevents the heat from moving any further because it has very low conductivity. That being said the only place the heat has left to travel is back up to the surface of your roof. There was concern about if the heat that is reflected back could damage the shingles but recent studies have shown that it does not damage shingles or cause them to become hotter.

This is a really great upgrade that is virtually maintenance free. Contact AC Wizard if you want more info about how radiant barriers can keep your home cooler and save you money!