Unlike other cleaning systems, the Perfect 16 is seamlessly retrofitted into your home’s existing heating and/or air conditioning system. It cleans 100% of the air in your home, not 10% – 20% of the circulated air like other HEPA bypass systems do.How the Perfect 16 Works

Air is drawn through your home’s return grill then filtered through pleated micro-fiber filtration panels (our V2 design). This traps harmful micro-particles each time the system heats or cools your home up to 125 times per day. The result is your home is filled with the cleanest air possible!

Advanced Micro-Fiber Technology (AMF)

The Perfect 16 is the first whole-house air cleaning system to utilize Advanced Micro-Fiber filtration technology. Filter fibers are 10 times thinner than those used in standard air filters. This allows air to easily pass through the filters, while the ultra fine threads create an almost impenetrable barrier for pollution particles. What that means to you is the air in your home will be the cleanest it can possibly be!

AMF Air Purifier Technology Conventional HVAC Fiber Filters

Perfect 16 micro-fibers Conventional air filter fibers100x magnified images generated on scanning electron microscope by Washington University School of Medicine.

Why Ultra-Fine Particles Are Dangerous

small particles dangerNumerous scientific studies have proven that ultra-fine particles (defined as 0.1 microns or smaller) are the most harmful to our health. They can be absorbed through lung tissue right into our blood stream. These ultra-fine particles are small enough to penetrate a cell’s mitochondria (the center and brain of the cell) and cause cell damage. It is estimated that ultra-fine particles subtract 10 years from a person’s life.* Furthermore, a study by The American Heart Association shows that these ultra-fine particles can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. IQAir Perfect 16 is guaranteed to filter out these harmful particles down to 0.003 microns (the world’s smallest particle), giving you the cleanest and freshest air possible in your home.
*California Air Resources Board

Chosen By The American Lung Association

American-Lung-Association IQAir is proud to have been chosen by the American Lung Association as their sole educational partner for the air cleaner industry. We are honored to be selected by the world’s most reputable organization committed to lung health. This exclusive partnership combines the American Lung Association’s 100 year long commitment to lung disease prevention and promotion of good lung health with IQAir’s 45 year commitment to air cleaning excellence!