We love getting copies of your electric bill showing how much we helped you to save with your new home comfort system!

If you ever had a doubt how much you could save with a new heating and a/c system, well, the proof is on the bill!

Save Money on your Energy Bill

Debbie T. Bill

“I can’t tell you what a happy customer you have in me! I am so grateful in hindsight that I chose this spring to replace my AC. My first bill came July 7th and with the daily temperature 10 degrees hotter than last year, my usage was still down 33%. My next bill should be here any day and while I am sure it will be shocking given the weather, it will still be significantly lower than last year. Now if I’d only known to cash out my portfolio and buy gold a year ago, I’d be good to go!”

Have we done a recent system replacement for you? Send us a copy of your bill showing the comparison from this year to last year and we will post it for you here!